Wintons Farm – 8 houses or many more?

Wintons Farm – 8 houses now, more to come?!

An application has been made to build 8 executive homes on land at Wintons Farm, Folders Lane, next to the fishing lakes. SOFLAG will be objecting to it, and you could help by objecting too. 

We’ll explain why it’s important, and how you can object…

This is a greenfield rural location and we believe it is an unsuitable and unsustainable site for housing. 

We are also concerned that although only 8 houses are proposed now, many more could be to come – up to 120 houses have previously been proposed on a bigger site at this location. 

In 2013 and 2016 the proponents of this site suggested up to 120 houses on an area including the whole farm and the fishing lakes – site 4 in this extract from MSDC’s possible housing sites map: 

(557 on that map is SA13, and 534 is the Jones Homes Folders Grove development including SA12).

And in the recent Site Allocations DPD the whole of the farm (excluding the lakes) was proposed not just the small site being applied for now: 

We’re worried that this could be a Trojan Horse application. That’s when a developer applies for a small number of houses to start with before applying for more at a later date. They do this when they know that if they applied for all the houses at once it would be refused. Getting permission for a small development first helps by opening up access and setting a precedent for building at the location.

A classic example of this was the Willowhurst development on Keymer Road. We objected to that application because we knew that Thakeham Homes were using it to open up the fields beyond for development – although they denied it at the time of course! Sure enough they now want to build hundreds of houses on those fields (SA13) using Willowhurst as the access road.

Perhaps the developer will only ever want to build 8 houses at Wintons, but our experience tells us that is unlikely!

How to object – deadline Wednesday 13 October

SOFLAG will be submitting a comprehensive objection on behalf of all our supporters, but if you’d like to object yourselves you can do so here on the MSDC website. Or you can email the planning officer –

It’s application reference DM/21/3311 Erection of 8 dwellings, alterations to site access, provision of car parking along with hard and soft landscaping. | Land At Wintons And Wintons Fishery Folders Lane Burgess Hill West Sussex RH15 0DR

Reasons why this application is unsustainable and inappropriate include: 

  • The application is contrary to the policies and principles of the National Planning Policy Framework and specifically paragraphs 12 and 176
  • It contravenes Mid Sussex District Plan policies DP6, DP12 & DP19
  • It contravenes Burgess Hill Neighbourhood Plan policies H2 and H3
  • It would cause harm to the setting of the South Downs National Park
  • The site has been deemed unsuitable for housing due to risk of surface water flooding
  • This may be a “Trojan Horse” application for up to 120 houses

Read our full objection submission on the SOFLAG website.

The site is only 250 metres from the boundary of the National Park, and the flooding risk has been acknowledged by the developer in their own documents. It’s all classified as being at “1 in 1,000” risk of flooding, but so was Folders Grove and that’s flooded once already… 

Please help us if you can by sending an objection by 13th October. 

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