New report confirms fears that an extra 350 houses on Folders Lane would bring widespread disruption to local traffic network.

MSDC’s SYSTRA transport study says that building hundreds of houses exiting onto Folders Lane and Keymer Road would not cause rush hour gridlock on the south side of Burgess Hill. MSDC don’t question this because SYSTRA are “experts” appointed by them.

We knew from what we’ve all seen with our own eyes that the SYSTRA study is wrong. Real life observations rather than computer modelling reveal daily traffic jams already, before the Kingsway development is finished and before 500 houses at Clayton Mills are even started.

But MSDC were never going to listen to the residents, so we found our own expert and engaged a transport consultancy, GTA Civils, to examine the SYSTRA study.

Their findings are pretty damning including:

·         Choosing sites SA12/13 would have widespread severe highway network impacts on Burgess Hill and the villages to the south

·         The criteria SYSTRA used to define “severe” and “significant” are questionable

·         The mitigation proposed in the SYSTRA study would be inadequate

·         The study contravenes the NPPF by not assessing traffic safety

How can MSDC rely on a study that is so flawed? Sites SA12/13 are unsuitable and unsustainable. They cannot even be considered until the other developments in the immediate area are complete and the traffic impact of those hundreds of houses can be measured (not just modelled).

We have written to MSDC with a set of key questions that must be answered before the site selection process is considered again at full Council on 24th June.

In the interests of transparency and full disclosure, we have today published the GTA Civils Report, a summary of key points, and our letter to MSDC on this website:

We believe in transparency, and do not withhold information from the public – we want to promote “discussion”, unlike MSDC!

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