The fields could be saved at vital Council meeting


After delays due to Coronavirus the Site Selection DPD will be voted on at the Full Council Meeting on Wednesday 22nd July.

Burgess Hill Councillor Robert Eggleston is putting forward an amendment to remove Sites SA12 & 13 from the allocation.

In addition to all the reasons why the fields are unsuitable and unsustainable, there are 3 important grounds for their removal on Wednesday:

1. They are not needed – MSDC can now meet its housing requirement with a comfortable buffer without concreting over these green fields.  Read an explanation of why here

2. Allocating these fields moves the built up boundary of Burgess Hill to their southern edge, making all the last remaining fields between BH and Keymer / Hassocks fair game for developers because they are now “contiguous with the settlement boundary”.

3. If developed, there will be thousands more car journeys on the already gridlocked Folders Lane / Keymer Road / Hoadleys Corner routes into town. Burgess Hill will grind to a halt. Read how MSDC can’t answer the serious questions about their SYSTRA transport study here

Your local councillors have the power to stop this by supporting the amendment – contact them now and urge them to do so. Email addresses here:…

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