Thakeham Homes have ownership of 3 fields south of Folders Lane and Greenacres, Keymer Road

We have confirmed that 3 fields directly south of Folders Lane, between Keymer Road and Wintons are owned as of 16 December by Thakeham Homes, despite the land agent informing us the land was to be used purely for agricultural use. No planning application has been received and we were informed before Christmas that the land would be used for cattle or sheep. However, we have watched as the forestry company under Thakeham’s instruction  have systematically removed all hedgerow around the 3 fields, felled treesand fenced the perimeter.

The MSDC Tree Officer visited the site late last week and put an immediate stop order on the site, awaiting the enforcement officer’s visit to determine the correct course of action over the removal of the vegetation.

Thakeham also have ownership of Greenacres, Keymer Road as of 16 December, giving access from Keymer Road into those 3 fields.

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