As you know, the Planning Inspector did not recommend the removal of Sites SA12 & SA13 from the Site Allocations DPD, but this does not mean the fight is over.
He has published his “Main Modifications” – the changes to the DPD he is recommending – and these are now the subject of an MSDC consultation which closes on 24th January
This looks at the modifications to the DPD that the Inspector has recommended, and SOFLAG will be submitting a response as advised by our legal team.

They have also suggested that it would be helpful for the Inspector to be reminded of the strength of feeling against the concreting over of these precious greenfield sites, and this is where you come in. We need as many of you as possible to respond to the consultation.

Technically, you are only supposed to comment on the Inspector’s modifications, which only mention SA13. The modification which concerns us is “MM4” on page 3 of this document:

There are several critical points we would like you to make:

  • you support the new requirement to “respond” to the setting of the South Downs National Park which acknowledges the “sensitive environmental context”
  • you agree that Site SA13 requires a full Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) but this  LVIA must be undertaken BEFORE the layout of the site – including how many (if any) houses it can accommodate – is agreed
  • this means that the LVIA should be undertaken NOW, before the adoption of the DPD, otherwise policy SA13, and therefore the DPD itself, would be unsound

That’s the technical bit, you can also add your own thoughts on why this is a precious green space whose biodiversity and environmental value as a wildlife haven and rich habitat should be preserved.

You can see what a natural and rewilded environment it really is from this recent photo:

All these trees and natural vegetation provide a unique and wild habitat for precious Sussex wildlife from snakes and rare amphibians to at risk birds including nightingales.

The deadline for consultation responses is 24th January

You can respond online using this form

Or send an email to

You can also write to:
Planning Policy – Mid Sussex District Council
Oaklands Road
Haywards Heath
RH16 1SS

Thank you for your help with this – every response counts!

Please be assured we haven’t given up on SA12 – but as it isn’t directly mentioned in the Inspector’s modifications, we can’t reference it in this part of the process.

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