Planning Application Withdrawn for 6 Bedroom House in the garden of Dormers, Broadlands

We are pleased to report that following advice from the MSDC Planning Officer that in its current form she would be recommending the application for refusal, the applicant has decided to withdraw their application to build a large three story, six bed roomed house in the rear garden of Dormers, in Broadlands off the Keymer Road.

More information can be found here.

It is gratifying that the planning officer agreed with many of the issues raised by SOFLAG namely that the size and design was not in keeping with the surrounding area, the adverse affect it would have on neighbour amenities and the complete lack of details on sustainability issues such as drainage as why she felt in its current form the application was unacceptable.

However, SOFLAG is very disappointed by the steer from the officer that she considers the formation of one new dwelling on the site, even though it is within the area of countryside restraint would be acceptable under the NPPF.

We believe her view now firmly reflects the current brief by the MSDC planning department that the inability of Mid Sussex to demonstrate it has sufficient supply to meet the next 5 years housing demand means the protection for the countryside enshrined within the Mid Sussex Local Plan under policy C1 no longer carries weight. This does not bode well for the battles to come with the likes of Jones Homes etc.

It now remains to be seen if a new application will be submitted which addresses the planning officers concerns.

Posted in Broadlands, Dormers.