Planning Application – HPW Homes – 7 Houses at Greenacres on Keymer Road

Once again an application to develop Greenacres on Keymer Road has been submitted, this time for 7 houses.

There are compelling and valid planning arguments why MSDC should refuse permission for this development but MSDC are unlikely to use these unless there is significant local opposition.  For that, we need your help.

In this new application the layout has been altered but the spine road still runs straight through the site and leads directly to the fields. It is vital for the preservation of the greenfield land to the south of Folders Lane that this new application is also refused.

We need your support in objecting to this inappropriate development by Friday 29th July.

A draft of a suggested objection letter is available below:

You can submit your objection directly online via the ‘comments’ section of the application here.

Alternatively, you can email your objection to the Planning Officer Mr Stuart Malcolm,, quoting the application number DM/16/2607.

Remember, email or submit one objection per individual, each will count as a separate objection.

Greenacres and Thakeham History:

In October 2015, HPW Homes attempted to develop the Greenacres site into a single line of 6 houses leaving access to the fields beyond, south of Folders Lane, open for access and future development. It was refused by the MSDC Planning Committee “A”.

In December 2014 HPW Homes sold Greenacres to Thakeham Homes, on the same day Thakeham bought the 3 fields adjacent to Greenacres running behind Folders Lane. Later that month Thakeham Homes illegally (according to MSDC) removed all hedgerow and a number of mature trees in those fields. On appealing against MSDC’s order to replant the hedgerow Thakeham claimed they would apply for planning permission on the fields using Greenacres as the access point into the fields.

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