Developers Persimmon & Thakeham don’t want to have an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) carried out at Site SA13.

No surprise there, as such an assessment would surely reveal the devastating environmental impact of concreting over this rewilded nature haven.

They have put in a “Screening Request” to Mid Sussex District Council to try and get out of the requirement for an EIA. This is a common practice for developers to avoid scrutiny when they know that their proposals will cause harm and there are firms of planning consultants who advertise “success” in helping developers to dodge EIAs.

Mid Sussex District Council have to agree this Screening Request however, and this would be the perfect opportunity for them to show that all their recently professed concern for environmental issues at “Cuckstye” and their support for the Blue Campaign on rewilding is not just talk.

They cannot allow this environmental disaster at SA13 to move forward without an Environmental Impact Assessment and must refuse the screening request. The request is currently open for public comment and this is your chance to object to this cynical ploy by Persimmon & Thakeham.

SOFLAG will be objecting, and we will notify all the environmental bodies we are already in contact with about this. We’re asking all our supporters to object too. The details can be found on the MSDC planning portal- it has a reference like a planning application (DM 22/1837) and you object online in just the same way – Follow this link

You could also email

We will be asking MSDC to refuse the screening request and require an EIA because:

• It is an urban development project of over 150 dwellings and over 5 hectares as defined in under Schedule 2 of the EIA regulations

• It meets the criteria under Schedule 3 including the environmental sensitivity of the site and its natural resources (biodiversity), and the likely significant effects of the development on this environment

• Without a full EIA the true impact of this development on the native flora and fauna that live on the site including rare and legally protected species of mammals and reptiles cannot be determined

• The developer is seeking to minimise environmental scrutiny of this site because they are fully aware of the irreversible damage to the biodiversity of this rewilded ecosystem that the development would cause.

You might also like to email the Leader of Mid Sussex District Council, Jonathan Ash Edwards to bring this to his attention

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