MSDC – only green if the law says they have to be…

Mid Sussex District Council have finally sent the answers to the supplementary questions asked at the meeting on June 29th.

Mostly just the usual party line about housing targets and procedure being followed, but there’s a classic line in one reply that shows just how much MSDC really care about nature.

The questioner asked how destroying the rewilded nature haven at SA13 could possibly achieve a biodiversity net gain of 10%? (We know how of course – they’ll raze all the vegetation to the ground before they start measuring!)

But the MSDC response contained this telling statement – “It is important to note that statutory biodiversity net gain requirements do not come into effect until 2023.”

So basically, they won’t be worrying about biodiversity net gain until 2023 when the law says they have to!

That’s how much nature matters to them – let’s get SA13 destroyed before we have to enforce those pesky new biodiversity regulations…

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