MSDC Leader passes the buck…

We have finally had a reply to our Open Letter to MSDC Leader Jonathan Ash Edwards:

In it he doesn’t answer any of the questions we raised about how destroying SA13 fits in with MSDC’s much trumpeted green agenda, and he doesn’t even acknowledge our invitation to come and see the site for himself.

Instead, he tries to blame the destruction of SA12 & SA13 on “the law”

It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious. He says “The law does not allow Councillors to pick and choose sites following examination” conveniently omitting the fact that it was Councillors including himself who ignored widespread opposition and forced the site to be included in the examination in the first place!!

This attempt to shift the blame shows that he knows that concreting over the rewilded nature haven at SA13 is simply wrong, and will cause irreversible environmental damage.

We have replied repeating our original questions that he didn’t answer:

1. We invited you to come and meet us and see the site and its unique nature for yourself. Are you be prepared to do so now?

2. How does building on a rewilded nature haven fit in with MSDC’s Sustainable Economy Strategy, objective 8 of which is to “improve, manage and promote biodiversity and nature recovery”

3. How can turning a natural wildlife habitat into a 300 house estate achieve the required Biodiversity Net Gain of 10%?

4. How does building on this rewilded ready made carbon sink fit in with MSDC’s claims to support net zero and the Blue Campaign?

We await his response…

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