MSDC Greenwash – do as they say, not as they do…

Mid Sussex District Council proudly proclaimed their “mission to fight climate change” when they joined the BLUE CAMPAIGN last year.

One of its key aims is to “promote the rewilding of public and private green spaces” yet MSDC are set to destroy an amazing rewilded green space with their Site Allocations DPD.

Left without human interference for many years, Site SA13 is full of young native and mature trees and undisturbed vegetation, and forms the perfect habitat for wildlife with many protected species of bird, mammal and reptile reported there.It’s a perfect example of a “private green space”, rewilded already and forming a vital carbon sink and biodiversity resource.

Is this how MSDC fight climate change and promote biodiversity net gain? Destroying SA13 for houses that are not needed to meet housing current targets is the exact opposite.

It’s easy to talk the talk when it comes to green issues. Actions shout louder.

But it’s not too late. MSDC could show a true commitment to the blue campaign, rewilding and the critical fight to save our environment by removing this site from the Site Allocations DPD right now.

Let’s show them how strongly local people feel about this issue – please sign the petition, and share it far and wide…

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