Following advice from our legal team it became clear that MSDC had acted unlawfully when they voted to adopt the Site Allocations DPD on 29th June.

There is a lot of technical detail, but the short version is that they did not meet their legal obligation to properly present the environmental report and the responses to it for consideration before the vote. This means there are grounds to challenge the adoption of the DPD in Court.

The first stage of any legal challenge is to send a pre-action “Letter of Claim” and this has now been drawn up with our legal team and sent to MSDC by Robert Eggleston, Leader of Burgess Hill Town Council.

We are now awaiting their response, which must be received by 29th July.

We obviously don’t know if this was simply due to incompetence by MSDC, or if it was part of a wider effort to mislead…

We’ll keep you posted on any developments…

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