MSDC fail to explain “greenwashing”

The campaign to save the irreplaceable nature haven at Site SA13 is gathering momentum and in the last two weeks we have had great coverage in the local press online:

The Argus

Mid Sussex Times

and also in print – with a double page spread in the Middy!

Journalists from both papers questioned Mid Sussex District Council on their justification for destroying this rewilded habitat while at the same time proclaiming their support for rewilding through the Blue Flag campaign.

The Council’s response? Just the same old flannel about due process being followed  – SOFLAG are still fighting through this “process” which isn’t finished yet. They also talk about the government’s housing targets, but Sites SA12 & SA13 aren’t needed to reach the required housing figure, and in any case the Council are intending to challenge these targets which they admit are unworkable.

There is no acceptable reason for their refusal to think again on these sites, and SOFLAG will continue to highlight what we see as hypocrisy and greenwash from a Council that claims to promote rewilding and fight climate change. Words mean nothing if actions speak the opposite…

Please sign and share the petition if you haven’t already:

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