How to sign the petition – a quick guide

If you haven’t signed yet because you’re not quite sure how these online petitions work, here’s all you need to know.

When you go to the petition page on the bit where you sign is on the right hand side (the page is at )

This is what you do (it will only take a minute):

  1. Fill in your name, address and email address
  2. Choose whether you want to receive updates from by ticking a box
  3. Choose whether you want us to know your name and email address by ticking a box (you can be anonymous if you like)
  4. Click the red Sign This Petition box

Here’s an image to show these steps:

5. When you click the red box, you’ll receive an email to make sure it’s really you. You must click the confirmation in that email otherwise your signature won’t count. The email will look like this:

That’s it – then you’re signature will be added to the petition.

Thank you for your support. Every signature helps the campaign so please share the petition as widely as possible…

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