Wildlife lives here…

This unique site is a rewilded nature haven, an irreplaceable habitat for native wildlife. These animals, birds and reptiles will have nowhere to go if their home becomes a building site. They will die.

Badgers are a protected species – they live here and should not be disturbed. If the development goes ahead they will die.

The site is also home to a variety of native deer. Where will they go if their habitat is destroyed?


The fields are filled with wildlife throughout the year, from high in the treetops to down in the undergrowth



Barn owl in flight


Our supporters have recorded sightings including barn owl and nightingale, grass snake and slow worm, hedgehog and deer, with a rich variety of insects and plants.



Grass snake basking


The fields suffered of course when Thakeham Homes destroyed many of the hedgerows, but there is a replanting order in place, which Thakeham are bound by law to follow



Thakeham contractors destroying the hedgerows, 2015