Even less reason for destruction…

On Thursday 24th February Mid Sussex District Council’s District Planning Committee will give the final go-ahead to the last phase of the Keymer Tiles / Kingsway development, located to the north of Folders Lane.
The published Committee Report shows that the number of housing units will increase by 33 to a total of 513 – all within a few hundred metres of Sites SA12 & SA13.
These extra houses will not only increase pressure on the already congested roads and local infrastructure, but of course REDUCE the need for the destruction of the nature haven at SA13 by adding more houses to the Council’s “housing land supply” figure. This is the ongoing target that MSDC quote when justifying the planned development, despite the fact that they can already achieve it without SA12 & SA13.
The Committee Report also refers to the newly strengthened protection for biodiversity in the legally binding National Planning Policy Framework and even quotes the paragraph from the Planning Policy. MSDC have to apply this to every new development – and it’s clear that if they applied it properly to the rich biodiversity in the rewilded nature haven SA13 there could only be one outcome. It’s there in black and white…..
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