We are raising money to pay for the legal representation we need to fight the allocation of the fields south of Folders Lane for hundreds of houses. We’ll be paying for a barrister and expert witnesses at the Inspector’s Hearings that will decide the fate of the fields.

While expert legal representation cannot guarantee a win, without it we will almost certainly lose.  

You can donate in two ways: 

1. Pay us directly

Our efforts to set up a SOFLAG bank account have been unsuccessful, so we will be using a personal bank account belonging to long standing SOFLAG committee member Keith Sullens, currently our Acting Chair, who many of you will know. This, and the overall finance handling, will be monitored by a retired accountant who has recently joined the SOFLAG committee.

If you can donate like this, please email and we’ll send you the account details. (You can also donate by cheque).

This is the best way to donate as SOFLAG gets 100% of your contribution

2. Donate via GoFundMe

If you are not comfortable paying into the bank account, you can donate via our new GoFundMe page: 

Fundraiser by Keith Sullens : SOFLAG EXPERTS FUND (

The disadvantage of donating this way is that GoFundMe do charge 2.99% plus £0.25 per donation. There is also a suggested “Tip” for GoFundMe which you can set to zero like this – 

  • in the box under the donation amount, click on the arrow next to where it says 12% and scroll down to select “other” (it appears after 15%)
  • the amount of tip should then be set to 0.00 and you can move on to entering your details 

This is the first time we have raised money from our supporters – all costs so far have been met personally by the Committee members and these have been substantial.  Our committee has now been joined by a retired accountant who will be overseeing the finances, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.