MSDC voted against removing Sites SA12 & SA13 from the Site Selection DPD document at the last Full Council meeting on 22nd July.

Leader of Burgess Hill Town Council and MSDC councillor Robert Eggleston proposed an amendment to save the fields by removing them from the allocation document, but as expected thanks to the efforts of council officers and councillors from the north of the District it failed.

The voting was very telling.

Almost every Councillor from Burgess Hill and the villages to the south supported the amendment, with the notable exception of Colin Trumble (Conservative, Hurstpierpoint) who voted against, in effect supporting an increase in traffic in his area and the narrowing of the green gap protecting his village from coalescence.

In contrast, fellow Conservative Emma Coe-Gunnell White was brave enough to defy her party to support her constituents and support it.

Of course, every Councillor from north of Burgess Hill voted against the amendment, happy to see hundreds more houses dumped on Burgess Hill rather than their own area.

Now it all depends on the independent Inspector who will see every response to the next round of consultation. We’ll be sending a comprehensive submission and asking all our supporters to respond too. Thankfully the Inspector is not swayed by party political allegiances.

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