“Conservationists” – or Consultants in Sheep’s Clothing?

In the murky world of planning and development, environmentalists are not always what they seem…

A company called CSA Environmental has been approaching local residents who live adjacent to Site SA13 and who have ponds that could be home to legally protected amphibians such as great crested newts.

They have been reported as saying that they are conservationists and are asking if they can do surveys to see if newts live in the ponds. But they are not always being 100% transparent about who or what these surveys are for.

In fact they are working on behalf of the developer Thakeham Homes, and these surveys will be used to support their planning application.

CSA Environmental’s website highlights their “successes” in helping planning applications get through when there are environmental obstacles. One example is a large development of 450 houses near Margate that they helped to push through on appeal despite opposition from the local council, residents and expert groups such as CPRE who knew it would be hugely damaging to the local environment.

This is what CSA do. In their own words they help developers “resolve constraints” and “identify risks before they become a problem”

Those “risks and constraints” are the wildlife, nature and biodiversity that will be lost by concreting over precious natural greenfield sites such as SA13.

CSA Environmental are on the side of the Developers, not the wildlife….

We keep on fighting, and we know whose side we’re on.


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