Mid Sussex District Plan – 8 week Consultation Period Has Begun

The latest draft of the District Plan is now available for viewing and consultation on the MSDC website.

Please click on the following link to gain access http://tinyurl.com/midsussDP

The public has eight weeks in which to give their views on this latest draft to MSDC, with a deadline of midnight on the 16th January 2015.

We would urge all Mid Sussex residents to read the plan and pass their comments to MSDC asap. It is only by MSDC demonstrating to the government that the plan has been through comprehensive public consultation that it can move forward for adoption.

Without a plan of any sort and without a 5 year supply of housing land which is the current situation, developers are free to propose any amount of development across the district regardless of location, quality or quantity and under the government planning framework there is a basic presumption in favour of allowing such development provided the developers can show it is sustainable.

SOFLAG has reviewed the plan and we are disappointed that MSDC is saying they are unable to publish a housing number at this stage because they are still in discussions with the neighbouring planning authorities and carrying out technical work on need and capacity. We had hoped that this figure would have been available by now and it leaves us concerned that the previous figure of 10,600 dwellings over the next 17 years may be set to rise.  However, the plan does contain a number of policies which will assist us in resisting inappropriate development in the area and we hope it will progress though to adoption without further undue delay.