New Planning Application To Build Four Houses On The Site of 60 Folders Lane

A new application has been submitted by the landowners to demolish the existing bungalow and replace this with four large detached houses. Supporters may recall that this particular site has been the subject of two previous applications by Hillreed Homes to build first seven houses and then five houses, both of which were refused by MSDC and the subsequent appeals to the government inspector dismissed.

Use the link here to access the planning application information on the MSDC website.

Click below for the Objection Letter.

The inspectors in their findings recognised that this eastern end of Folders Lane is distinctly more semi-rural than the rest of the lane and that such an intensive cramped development would be out of character and as such cause harm to the immediate area.

SOFLAG has scrutinised this latest proposal and come to the conclusion by just lowering the number of houses by one the effect on the area will essentially remain the same especially when you realise the latest footprints are bigger so the number of bedrooms remain exactly the same as the last failed application for five houses.

SOFLAG has indicated that two large houses side by side would be far more in keeping with the immediate area but this suggestion was ignored.

We also keep in mind that developers have in the past submitted two applications to build up to 27 houses on the land behind the adjacent property 60a Folders Lane up to 78 Folders Lane. These applications were eventually refused however SOFLAG is aware that plans are still in the pipeline to submit a revised proposal to build 10 houses on this land which if allowed together with this proposal would effectively mean a 14 house development running behind 60 – 78 Folders Lane.

Therefore, we feel it is important that this application be opposed.

The public has until the 21st November to make representations to MSDC over this application.