Appeal Dismissed by Inspector against MSDC refusal to build on land to the rear of Spinningdale Keymer Road

We are delighted to report that the Government Inspector has dismissed this appeal due to the harm the development would cause to Spinningdale itself. You can read the inspectors findings by clicking on the link above.

This is the fifth appeal which has been dismissed against refusal for development on this site  and each time the developer Dorepark has eventually followed this up with a fresh application for a new proposal. This constant stream of applications and appeals is causing severe distress to the neighbouring residents on the Keymer Rd and Oak Hall Park and SOFLAG now believes enough is enough so we will be lobbying MSDC to use their legal powers under vexatious planning applications to place an embargo on any further planning applications on this site for at least two years. We will update everyone once we receive MSDC response.


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