SOFLAG - March 2020



The fate of the fields could be decided in the next few weeks.

Will traffic grind to a halt in Burgess Hill and the surrounding villages?

Will developers get the green light to merge Burgess Hill and Keymer?

Will Mid Sussex District Council be allowed to push even more housing onto Burgess Hill?

Mid Sussex District Council want to destroy the fields and the local traffic network by building 350 houses south of Folders Lane. Their Site Allocations Plan is about to go in front of the independent planning Inspector at the critical hearings. He has the power to remove the fields from the Plan, so we need to raise money to pay for an expert, barrister led team to present our case.

The Council and the developers will be represented by barristers and expert witnesses, and we need to be able to challenge them. We've found a fantastic team who have won similar cases in the past - but they don't come cheap and we need to raise money to pay for it.

Legal representation won't guarantee that we win, but without it we will almost certainly lose.

We've never asked you for money before, but now it's vital.

Can you help?

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SOFLAG has been fighting to protect the countryside to the south of Folders Lane for over 10 years.

The first proposal to cover it in a huge housing estate came back in 2009, and since thenĀ  hundreds of houses have been built or are under construction in the surrounding area leading to daily gridlock on Folders Lane & Keymer Road.

Now the fields and their abundant wildlife are seriously at risk once again, as MSDC has shortlisted them as site SA13 in the 2019 Site Allocations Document

We believe this shortlisting process was flawed, and will be fighting to get site SA13's inclusion reversed.